Wander Rutgers

Chief Operating Officer of Richard Branson-backed investment platform Lightyear

Wander Rutgers is the Chief Operating Officer at Lightyear. He joined the company as an investor in the first round, advising Martin & Mihkel on compliance, operations and business development, before joining the business full time as COO in May 2022. At Lightyear, Wander is focused on building out the brokerage, compliance and business functions to support growth and expansion.

Before Lightyear, Wander was President of Robinhood UK leading the business in its international expansion efforts. Before that, he was a Product Lead at Plum where he spearheaded the launch of its mutual fund investing product. Wander also held various roles at Wise (now TransferWise) across operations and product, including helping the company expand into dozens of new markets. He started his career as a strategy consultant at McKinsey in the Netherlands and earned his M.A. in Economics and Politics at the University of Edinburgh.


  The Auditorium   
  1:00pm - 1:50pm