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The Auditorium

12:20pm - 12:50pm

Indexing: Past, Present and Future (An Investors' Guide to Indexing)

Gareth Parker, Head of Indexing at Morningstar Indexes, will provide a short but informative guide to indexes: their origins, development over time, their current usage, and where index design and usage may be heading. His session should be of interest to anyone using indexes to benchmark the performance of their investments, who use index-based investments such as exchange traded funds (ETFs), or who are interested in the latest developments in thematic and “strategic beta” investing. Questions are encouraged!

Speaker: Gareth Parker, Head of Indexing at Morningstar Indexes

1:00pm - 1:50pm

The Lunchtime Summit Panel Session:

"The Global Economic Outlook for 2024: From emerging markets to the eurozone and UK - where do the opportunities lie for private investors and traders?"

The annual Lunchtime Summit at the London Investor Show take a global view, with the panel discussing different areas and considering where the most exciting opportunities lie. On a general note, the panel will give their thoughts on current global economic policies and how these will affect private investors and traders during 2024.

Chaired by Nadira Tudor
Panel: Yohay Elam ( FXSTREET), Mark McFee (Research in Finance), Wander Rutgers (Lightyear) and Dan Jones (Investors Chronicle)

2:00pm - 2:30pm

Investing in the engine room of India – exploring the hidden gems?

India remains in the limelight and continues to grow in popularity as an investment geography. Reforms, digitalisation and improving infrastructure all contribute to the positive story and when India moves, it moves fast. Join us to hear Gaurav Narain, fund manager of the India Capital Growth fund, explain why he believes it is worth investing in small and medium sized companies, why they represent the Engine room of India and how you can access them.

Speaker: Gaurav Narain (India Capital Growth Fund)

3:30pm - 4:15pm

How to use fundamentals to build a share portfolio

Vote for Shares! As electioneering begins for a General Election that is probably more than a year away, Rodney Hobson shares his insight into how to use fundamentals to build a share portfolio during the hiatus.

Speaker: Rodney Hobson