Panel Sessions & Workshops

Main Auditorium
Venue: Novotel London West
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Welcome to the Auditorium at the London Investor Show 2022, where you will find workshops, panel sessions, the KeyNote Speech and Investors Question Time taking place A ticket to the Auditorium gives you access to any and all of these sessions throughout the day. Entry to the Auditorium costs £49 and you can purchase your ticket here.

10:00AM - 10:50AM

How to be your own Investment Manager (Learn how to run your portfolio like a pro)

Speaker: tbc

10:55AM - 11:15AM

Welcome to the London Investor Show
"The three pillars of investment - growth, income and wealth preservation" (title tbc)

Speaker: tbc

11:20AM - 11:40AM

Speaker: tbc

11:45AM - 12:00AM

Keynote Speech

12:05PM - 12:35PM

VectorVest Investing Seminar

Speaker: Dr David Paul

12:40PM - 1:25PM

Investors' Question Time

This is your chance to put your investment questions to the panel at the London Investor Show. They will answer your questions and give you their views on the most important issues for private investors.

1:45PM - 2:45PM

Global Investing:
"How can UK private investors benefit from global opportunities?"

The London Investor Show Lunchtime Debate

2:55PM - 3:40PM

Welcome to the Real Dragon's Den: "How to spot exciting new companies and be a successful early-stage investor"

Speaker: Richard Hargreaves

3:55PM - 4:55PM

Invest for income (how to create a steady stream of dividend income)

Speaker: Rodney Hobson