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Welcome to the Auditorium at the London Investor Show 2022, where you will find workshops, panel sessions, the KeyNote Speech and Investors Question Time taking place. A ticket to the Auditorium gives you access to any and all of these sessions throughout the day. Entry to the Auditorium costs £49 and you can purchase your ticket here.

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+ - 10:00am - How to be your own Investment Manager (Learn how to run your portfolio like a Pro)

glen goodman 2019 ca920c69Speaker: Glen Goodman

Running your own portfolio like a professional investment manager takes discipline - and a few good strategies to follow. This session looks at the changing needs of beneficiaries, and how to keep your portfolio focussed on meeting them. Learn about how to weigh up the risks versus potential returns, when deciding to sell, increase a position or diversify across different asset classes. View your own portfolio through the eyes of a professional - what would they do to increase returns?


+ - 11:00am - Invest for income (How to create a steady stream of dividend income)

rodney hobson 2020Speaker: Rodney Hobson

There are stages in life when a reliable income stream is non-negotiable. Whether you’re a young investor, just starting out and looking to boost your monthly earnings by putting your money to work, or a retired investor who now relies solely on income from your portfolio – adding companies that deliver healthy dividends, year on year, can be invaluable. Seeking dividend income is a skill that can be learned – there are easy steps to take, readily-available data to refer to reliable investor ratios that can point you towards the best stocks. During this workshop, the tutor will lead you through these steps, showing you, in real time, and using real data, how to identify a good dividend stock.



+ - 11:45am - Keynote Speech "Where are we now? A look at current events.”

justin us 2020Speaker: Justin Urquhart Stewart

With an early career of finance in Asia, Justin went on to establish Broker Services, which became Barclays Stockbrokers. Today he is one of the most recognisable and trusted market commentators on television, radio and in the press. He co-founded 7IM to deliver radical common sense in an industry where that quality is hard to find. He is an enthusiast for greater financial education and investment structures for both investors and companies needing easier access for funding. As a result he has helped in the establishment of Proshare, and also the development of the AIM market.






+ - 12:05pm - Safe and Consistent Portfolio Growth

david paul 2020 newSpeaker: Dr David Paul, Managing Director, VectorVest

In this short presentation, VectorVest will illustrate how to easily find stocks that are growing earnings both strongly and safely and are trending upwards in price. These are the UK's best stocks and there are only a few stocks that fit this exacting specification. VectorVest finds these stocks easily and rates each for Value, safety, and trend daily. Finally, VectorVest studies the overall UK market and gives the investor an objective signal to tell when it’s safe to buy stocks and when to stand aside.

The investor will leave the talk with a solid roadmap to safe and consistent portfolio growth.



+ - 12:40pm - Investors' Question Time

Investors Question TimeModerated by: Nadira Tudor
Panel: Geoff Anandappa (Rare Tangible Assets Ltd), Clement Aghayere (British Senior Banker), Rodney Hobson, Glen Goodman

Bring your investment-related questions to the panel at the London Investor Show. During Investors’ Question Time they will answer your questions as best they can and give you their views on the most important issues for private investors. A chance to hear seasoned investment professionals debate the issues raised by the audience, sharing their thoughts and opinions. Do they match yours? There will be microphones in the audience for you to contribute your own views, should you wish.


+ - 1:45pm - The London Investor Show Lunchtime Debate

shutterstock 577182709Global Investing: How can UK Private Investors benefit from Global Opportunities?
Chair: Toby Finden-Crofts, (Director, Research in Finance)
Panel: Gerry Perez (CEO, Interactive Brokers), Dan Jones (Deputy Editor, Investors' Chronicle), David Cornell (Ocean Dial Asset Management), Gareth Powell (Polar Capital)

The London Investor Show Lunchtime Debate. In many ways, the world is becoming smaller and countries are more interdependent than ever – think security, intelligence and economically. There are still many emerging economies that present investors with opportunities for fantastic growth – along with the respective risk elements. Depending on your appetite for risk, and your investment goals, seeking out these global opportunities could give your portfolio a boost, as well as providing valuable diversification. In a whistle-stop tour of the most exciting areas, the panel will debate the various investment pros (and cons) of each region, and whether they believe investors should be looking at these more closely. You’ll learn where and how to find more research on the areas, the investment opportunities therein and where to go for more discussion before you decide whether or not to invest. The panel will also give their thoughts on the current UK investment landscape, set within a global framework and now free to trade worldwide– and how UK markets are likely to perform over the next few years.


+ - 2:40pm - The next decade belongs to India, but is it a buy at any price?

david cornellSpeaker: David Cornell, Ocean Dial Asset Management

David Cornell, CIO of Ocean Dial Asset Management will present his thoughts on why India’s investment opportunity is shifting mainstream.

  • The benefits of investing in a single country product for India as opposed to a broader Emerging Market “catch all” approach
  • A justification for India’s premium valuations
  • How we capture these themes in the India Capital Growth Fund’s portfolio



+ - 3:15pm - Welcome to the Real Dragon's Den: "How to spot exciting new companies and be a successful early-stage investor"

richard hargreaves 2022Speaker: Richard Hargreaves

Investing as a business angel offers fun and financial reward but the real world is much tougher than portrayed in the reality TV show Dragons’ Den. Anything can go wrong with a young company, from an unreliable product to a lack of customers, unexpected competition to management failure and, most commonly, simply running out of money. But small companies are a vital part of the economy, and the tax breaks for investing are a great incentive. And supportive investors are vital. Now is a better time than ever to invest in small companies hoping to make it big. There’s a tsunami of investable businesses disrupting old industries with new technology and new methods. The rewards can be huge if you are patient, sensible and smart. And there’s the satisfaction of helping to bring a new and valuable thing into the world. Join Richard Hargreaves as he talks you through how to invest, what to invest in, how to manage your investments and how to make money. Richard Hargreaves has invested in young companies for almost 50 years. Let him show you how being a business angel can be fascinating, fun and profitable. His book “Business Angel Investing – everything you need to know about investing in unquoted companies” can be found on Amazon