Showcase Theatre
Seminars & Presentations

9:35 AM

Investing in a recession

Speaker: Jason Graystone

Arrive early to catch Jason in the ShowCase Theatre as he looks at how to invest during a recession. He’ll cover…
  • Types of risk
  • Cost averaging
  • Deploying cash in the crash
  • How to invest in a recession and maximise your returns with confidence
  • The trends and patterns of the last 9 recessions and how we can use them to predict recovery

10:25 AM

Growing your portfolio during turbulent times

Speaker: Adam Harris

As Warren Buffett said,"Be Greedy when others are Fearful, and Fearful when others are Greedy."

In this session, Adam outlines a multi-point plan that professional traders and investors use to reduce risk, while leaving room for growth and profits in their portfolios, during volatile or even bear markets.

11:00 AM

Ten Smart Steps to Swing-Trading Success on the LSE

Speaker: David Paul, VectorVest

12:20 PM

Live Broadcast from Main Auditorium

Investing the Space Economy
Chaired by Sarah Cruddas: Space Journalist, TV Host and award winning Author

Panel: Stuart Martin (Catapult Satellite Applications); Volodymyr Levykin (Skyrora)
Cost: £25

Will declining launch costs, advances in technology and rising public-sector interest position space exploration as the next trillion-dollar industry?

It’s been just over half a century since humans left footprints on the moon and during that time, human space exploration has largely centered on manned low-Earth orbit missions and unmanned scientific exploration. But now, high levels of private funding, advances in technology and growing public- sector interest is renewing the call to look toward the stars. Join the panel as they discuss what next for the space economy – the growth potential, the risks and the opportunities for investors.

1:10 PM

From little acorns …….learn how to build a portfolio, using compounding and diversification and other techniques

In her talk, Vinita will walk you through her own investment journey, which she began in 2012 with just £200 and no prior investment knowledge or experience. Over the course of eight years, she’s grown that little portfolio into a handsome six-figure sum whilst pursuing other interests and growing her career.

By attending this session, you’ll learn:
  • How to apply golden principles such as compounding and diversification to create a balanced and healthy portfolio
  • How to create a sustainable investment strategy so that your wealth can grow in alignment with your mental wellbeing
  • How to understand the post-covid landscape and position yourself for personal and financial resilience and growth
  • How to diversify your life so that while you work for your wealth, your wealth can continue to work for you

According to Vinita, the most complex part is to keep it simple and, in her talk, she’ll show you just how to do that.