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Seminars & Presentations


My Top Ten Investing Mistakes

Speaker: David Stredder


Inside the Mind of an Institutional Trader

Speaker: Patrick Reid
There are a lot of myths about how bank and hedge fund traders view the markets, take risk and reap reward. Patrick will debunk a lot of those with a 30 minute taster of how they do it. Patrick has made the successful jump from retail investor to institutional and, in his own words, “my first year was very painful. In my second year 1 trade paid for the first year. What I learnt was the bank and hedge fund mindset”.
All institutional shops do one or more of the following.
MACRO - what is moving market
USD - the most important currency
RISK - Carry, event, trade and liquidity
TECHNICALS - less is more

In this seminar, Patrick will give you a brief look at these within the context of investing and the post CV19 world.