Ryan Lynn

CIO, Oeno Group

When I started my investment career, I was the most inquisitive employee. My position was junior broker, but I was more of a glorified teaboy. The truth is, I didn’t mind being their run-around because they were teaching me so much just by being in their presence. And here I was, infused with swaps traders that had traded for some of the largest tier one banks in the world.I went on to qualify in derivatives and tax. I still meticulously study economics and behavioural finance to this day. I then went on to work for a proprietary fund, leading on to work for a systematic global macro hedge fund.The key is to always surround yourself with sophisticated people, not to be the sophisticated one in your group. If you’re the most intelligent person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

Where to see?

"An introduction to investing in wine", in Conference Room 1 at 1.45 pm.