Stand No. E10 - Rare Tangible Assets (RTA) Ltd

Rare Tangible Assets Ltd offers independent advice and guidance to investors and collectors of real assets – including ancient coins, rare stamps, first-edition books, limited edition artworks, vintage film posters, whiskey & spirits, luxury watches and more.

RTAs have a proven track record over many decades, uncorrelated with mainstream investments such as equities, property or bonds. They are ideal for long-term investment, retirement & legacy planning, and investing for children or grandchildren.

  • Build an award-winning collection, or add diversification to your investment portfolio
  • Over 15 years experience working with collectors, investors, financial advisors and wealth managers worldwide
  • RTA portfolios totalling over £25 million under management for 100+ clients in the UK, USA, Australia, Hong Kong & Singapore
  • Access a network of experts, dealers & auctioneers with preferential terms when buying or selling
  • Client Advisory Service with 0% client commission