London Stone Securities

Stand No. A18

Harriman House London Investor show 2019
During the financial crash of 2007, it became apparent that there was an ever increasing customer demand for a different type of investment approach. That demand was soon to be filled by new stock broking firm London Stone Securities. In fact on the very same day that Lehman Brothers fell into administration, London Stone received its FCA licence. Since that day, the firm’s business plan has remained consistent – to offer a bespoke service without the complexities, expensive charges and layers of administration that was often too prevalent with some of the larger organisations. The firm’s target market sits in a very specific niche and focusses on helping 50-80 year old individuals who are either retired or approaching retirement. These hard-working individuals want to grow their investments with sensible, low risk investment strategies whilst avoiding speculative products and complex pricing models. London Stone specialises on simple but effective strategies which include mitigating risk, maximising income from dividend paying shares and taking advantage of capital growth opportunities to create balanced portfolios. As an independent firm based in the City of London, with a focus on personalised customer service, the firm continues to grow by offering execution only, advisory and fully managed service at a fair and affordable price.