Patrick Lowry

CEO & Founder // Iconiq Lab
Patrick Lowry The London Cryptocurrency Show 2018

Patrick is the CEO and a Managing Partner of Iconiq Lab. He was a member of the Deutsche Börse Venture Capital team, DB1 Ventures, where he developed a strong passion for blockchain technology and alternative financing methods. He has a decade of financial industry experience, including as an associate at Graham Partners, a Philadelphia private equity fund, and PwC as an auditor of private equity, hedge and mutual funds in the asset management assurance service practice.

Patrick was a co-founder and the CFO of Voltaic Coatings, a Delaware-based BioTech company, and holds an MBA degree, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license and a Bache-lor of Science in Finance and Accounting from the University of Delaware. Patrick currently ad-vises multiple ICO projects and is an avid crypto-investor.