Annalise Toberman London Investor Show

Clement Aghayere

British Senior Banker

British senior Banker, Mr Clement Aghayere is one of the most successful, emerging markets, Africa -focused Investment bankers. Ex Barclays Bank Plc, city of London | former Co- founder emerging markets, merchant Bank Brigg Capital Mayfair renamed BriggMACADAM Belgravia London where he held position senior vice President continent of Africa | Clement has been exclusively mandated as preferred corporate partner for corporate origination Africa since 2015 - 2023 for the BANK OF CHINA. ​British Founder | Clement Aghayere has raised tens of billions of united states dollars for corporations sovereign Nigeria. Mr Clement Aghayere currently overseas a Transaction portfolio estimated at $30bn. British Born Chief executive Clement Aghayere has clearly demonstrated his ability to successfully close multiple AAA rated transactions across the continent of Africa region and as such Mr Clement Aghayere chairman and CEO, Africa Bridge Capital Management London UK Limited has organically transitioned in - to the Global No1 Fund arranger and Transaction advisor for the largest economy in Africa, and invariably selected countries across continent Africa .

Where to see?

Join Clement as he takes a seat on the panel session in the Main Auditorium at 12:40pm, "Investors' Question Time".