Alpesh Patel

Alpesh has more than 220m viewers on his BBC paper review. He has written 18 books translated into 8 languages. 1 asset management company founded. 200 investment columns in the Financial Times. 200 programmes for Bloomberg TV as co-presenter. Number 1 ‘stock picker’ by Financial Times for predicting the FTSE 100 most accurately over a 12 month period. 1 investment software, Alpesh Patel Special Edition of Sharescope, which outperformed all UK company fund managers over the past decade – and Warren Buffet. 250 newsletters a year on the markets via 50 videos on trading on

Alpesh chairs the Lunchtime Summit at the London Investor Show, at 1.10 pm in the Main Auditirorium. After an incredibly difficult year on many fronts, the panel will look specifically at the investment landscape, post-Covid19. Questions and contributions will be invited from the audience.