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9:45AM - 10:45AM

Your Speaker:
Rodney Hobson
Module 1 Fundamental Analysis - Stock Selection Techniques
What are fundamentals and why they are vital for the long term investor. Reading a profit and loss account and balance sheet while identifying which figures are most important and which ratios are most helpful. How to combine a fundamental approach with basic chartism.

10:50AM - 11:40AM

Your Speaker:
Alpesh Patel
Module 2 Technical Analysis - Stock Selection Techniques
How Algos are Taking Over the World
Given that billionaire hedge fund managers are closing show blaming ago trading, what makes you think a spattering of technical, some MACD and a little Elliot is going to make you a fortune? Legendary hedge fund manager, and Financial Times ‘Diary of an Internet Trader’ columnist, Bloomberg TV presenter Alpesh Patel shows you how private investors can use their smaller size and agility, and algos to profit. He explains with Trump and Brexit what works and what doesn’t and why computing power, AI, is the only way to survive for hedge funds and private investors. His ability to forecast and technology know-how was picked up by the UK Government who asked him to be their Dealmaker to source fintech from around the world and by Number 10 where the PM has appointed him on the Entrepreneurship Advisory Council of Number 10. His BBC interviews explaining this where he forecasted oil prices – were followed up by commendations of his accuracy by the BBC (clips in the lecture) and follow award from FT in trouncing Woodford (back in 2004!) – well ahead of the pack. He will teach you how. I know – too good to be true? Check out the proof:

11:45AM - 12:45PM

10th Anniversary Panel Session
Your Panel:
Rodney Hobson; Modwenna Rees-Mogg; Martin Stamp (ShareScope)tbc; John Stepek, Executive Editor, MoneyWeek and James Carthew (Marten&Co)
Looking back: 10 years of investing highs and lows; Looking forward: What can private investors expect

12:50PM - 1:50PM

Lunchtime Summit
Your Chair:
Alpesh Patel
Your Panel:
Gavin Oldham (Share Radio); Dan Houghton (Chilango); Toby Finden-Crofts (Research in Finance); Steven Tredget (Oakley Capital Investments)
The Outlook for Global Equity Markets - and what it means for private investors
Join the Lunchtime Summit panel for an interesting look at where global equity markets could be headed over the next few months. Driven by many factors, global equity markets are continually shifting and, although long term predictions are notoriously hard to rely on, the panel will share their own views with you. Whether positive or negative, these views and their comments on where they think the markets are headed may help you shape your own investment decisions going forward. Questions are invited from the floor.

1:55PM - 2:45PM

Your Speaker:
David Paul
The VectorVest Worry-free Trading Method
You don't have to take major risks in the stock market to make a lot of money. If that sounds impossible then you need to listen to David Paul show you the VectorVest Worry Free Trading method. The method uses the power of VectorVest to find those shares on the LSE that are going up in price and have an established track record of consistent, predictable growth. They do well in good times and bad. The method also uses VectorVest to advise when its safe to be accumulating stocks and when its not. In short the method combines the strengths of technical analysis with the discipline of selecting those shares that are fundamentally sound and buying them when the overall London market is rising. The method can be managed in 10 minutes a day and is totally mechanical and rules based with zero subjective input required. The method has been tested over the past 20 years of market action with excellent results.

2:50PM - 3:50PM

Chaired by:
Sam Burrell (Principal, NKB Ventures)
Your Panel:
Ahmed Ismail (HAYVN), Glen Goodman, Iqbal V Gandham (eToro), Nish Kotecha (Finboot)
Cryptocurrency Investing - An Overview - A genuine asset class for investors?

3:55PM - 4:45PM

Richard Hargreaves, Director at Autologyx®
The Real Dragon's Den
The Real Dragons’ Den is aimed at those whose knowledge of investing in early stage private companies is based on The Dragons’ Den series. I plan to talk about how it is done in the real world. My focus will be the changes in private company funding in the professional world and cover topical examples which people have heard of - specifically WeWorks and Uber.
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