Coronavirus – how the London Investor Show plans to minimise the risk of spread and ensure as safe an event as reasonably possible for delegates

Covid-19 has had an impact on live events and it’s important that we, as Organisers, respond to the risks presented and minimise them where possible so that you, as a delegate, feel confident to attend the London Investor Show this year. Although the London Investor Show may look a little different to usual (expect to see wider aisles, larger conference rooms with spacious seating and exhibitors in clear masks) the event itself will deliver the usual top quality investment and trading education and information that you expect – so valuable in these challenging times.

The London Investor Show (and all ICUK events) are adopting the industry-approved guidelines – AllSecure Standard – and implementing all recommendations across the events. In brief, for you, as a delegate, this means:

    • Wearing a face-covering Clearmasks will be available for sale at the door, or, please bring your own face-covering.
      • Exhibitors will be wearing Clearmasks, so that you can see their whole face – a smile is important!)
    • Adhering to the one-way system
      • The London Investor Show is easy to navigate, and if you miss your chance on a first walk around, it will only take a few minutes to return
    • Washing your hands regularly (and/or making use of the available hand-sanitiser units that will be placed around the London Investor Show)
    • Avoiding hand-shakes/embraces
    • Be aware of physical-distancing guidelines

You will see a contact-free registration option upon arrival, where you will be asked to scan your barcode (on your e-ticket). This will print your badge which you can place yourself into the holder. For adding/amending bookings, there will be screen-protected Registration Desk to help you.

If you are interested to read the full document, outlining in detail the measures in place to help prevent/limit the risk of spreading/contracting the virus, you can download the full document HERE

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help. Call Lisa Campbell on 020 7193 4541.

I hope these measures go some way to reassuring you that we are doing our level best to make the London Investor Show a Covid-free zone and that we can welcome you to this years’ London Investor Show, taking place on Friday, 30th October at Novotel London West. To book your ticket, please REGISTER HERE.

Kind regards
Lisa Campbell
Managing Director ICUK,
Organisers of the London Investor Show