The VectorVest Worry Free Trading method

Speaker: David Paul
Main Auditorium - 1:55 pm

You don't have to take major risks in the stock market to make a lot of money. If that sounds impossible then you need to listen to David Paul show you the VectorVest Worry Free Trading method. The method uses the power of VectorVest to find those shares on the LSE that are going up in price and have an established track record of consistent, predictable growth. They do well in good times and bad. The method also uses VectorVest to advise when its safe to be accumulating stocks and when its not. In short the method combines the strengths of technical analysis with the discipline of selecting those shares that are fundamentally sound and buying them when the overall London market is rising. The method can be managed in 10 minutes a day and is totally mechanical and rules based with zero subjective input required. The method has been tested over the past 20 years of market action with excellent results.