Stock Selection Techniques

Your Speaker: Alpesh Patel

Title: How Algos are Taking Over the World

Given that billionaire hedge fund managers are closing show blaming ago trading, what makes you think a spattering of technical, some MACD and a little Elliot is going to make you a fortune? Legendary hedge fund manager, and Financial Times ‘Diary of an Internet Trader’ columnist, Bloomberg TV presenter Alpesh Patel shows you how private investors can use their smaller size and agility, and algos to profit. He explains with Trump and Brexit what works and what doesn’t and why computing power, AI, is the only way to survive for hedge funds and private investors. His ability to forecast and technology know-how was picked up by the UK Government who asked him to be their Dealmaker to source fintech from around the world and by Number 10 where the PM has appointed him on the Entrepreneurship Advisory Council of Number 10. His BBC interviews explaining this where he forecasted oil prices – were followed up by commendations of his accuracy by the BBC (clips in the lecture) and follow award from FT in trouncing Woodford (back in 2004!) – well ahead of the pack. He will teach you how. I know – too good to be true? Check out the proof: